Springing Back To Life When You Feel Dead Inside

How do we act when what once brought us so much joy now brings us so much pain?


We all feel dead sometimes. Lifeless, discouraged, maybe even depressed. These feelings are our soul’s response to disappointment. Something in our lives didn’t turn out quite like we’d planned and now the force of life that once flowed in us and through us feels painfully absent.

I recently battled these feelings after the release of my first book, “Your Best Is Next.” I didn’t know it at the time, but during the writing process my subconscious was forming an expectation of how I was going to be treated after I’d published. I thought that I’d release the book and I’d be selling copies to everyone on my list (that didn’t even come close to happening), that my phone would be ringing constantly from journalists that wanted to interview me (nope, not even once), and that my book would open doors for more speaking engagements so that I could share my message with established audiences (you guessed it…nada).

I became really discouraged by what wasn’t happening. I stopped writing on my blog (as you may know). I stopped leaving my house to work and isolated myself. I started eating lots of junk food to make myself feel better but it only made me feel worse! I was completely lost in my own sorrow and didn’t know what to do. I didn’t feel like creating. I didn’t feel like writing. I didn’t feel like doing much of anything.

So what do we do when our dreams are unfulfilled? How do we act when what once brought us so much joy now brings us so much pain? What can we do to snap out of our dead moment and bring our hearts back to life?

The answer comes from the central figure in human history and what the pattern of his miraculous life teaches us about restoring the life to our own. 

When Purpose Is Unknown, Abuse Is Inevitable


When we don’t know why something was made then we’ll miss out on it’s true capacity while we’re abusing it in the process. Could it be possible that we do this to ourselves and one another?

In this video you will learn:

  • how to stay aware of the purpose of how things are made so that you can always use them properly
  • why knowing how something is designed helps you to understand its true function
  • how things and people get abused because of the ignorance of their purpose

What power are you missing out on by not knowing your purpose?

Check out the video clip below think about what all this means for you.

Take A Leap of Faith

Leap Of Faith

Recently, I woke up from a dream where I was hiking up the side of a rock (think Colorado) and then came to the top where I was enjoying the scenery and taking pictures of the beautiful landscape. When I turned around to go back down, I discovered that I couldn’t find the path that I had taken to get there. Panicked, I started to come up with other Make The Jumpsolutions. While I was frustrating myself looking for a way back down to where I had come from, I felt that I should look beyond my situation for the answer. As I stood on the edge of the rock’s cliff, I saw another rock’s ledge about 10 feet away. I knew then that the only way to move on from this moment was to jump. Scared and troubled as to why things had to be this way, I woke up.