3 Big Lies WOMEN Have Been Told The Bible Teaches That Rob Them Of Their FUTURE And Keep Them Feeling
Like They’re Never ENOUGH

In this complimentary seminar, you will learn:

  • the ancient Scriptural secrets that have been hidden from women for centuries
  • why women are God’s crowning achievement, not second-best
  • the power that has been placed within women to change the world!

Watch as Jeremy talks about the unrealistic expectations we place on women:


When: Thursday, April 17, 2014 from 7:00-8:30pm

Where: Embassy Suites St. Louis-St. Charles/Hotel & Spa, Two Convention Center Plaza, St. Charles,  MO 63303

There is no cost to attend but seating is limited!

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“This message was chain-breaking for me personally. I was encouraged, inspired, and motivated! It left me praying to God and saying, “What do you have for me that I was to afraid to try before?” Society has defined a huge part of who I am as a woman today. The world, and even the church has told me who I am, and what my role is. At times, even scripture has been twisted to keep women in chains. This teaching will leave you feeling like a spiritual “William Wallace” shouting “FREEDOM!” I felt fear melting off of me, and thoughts that have bothered me my whole life were being challenged. That inner unrest inside my soul after years of discontentment was awakened, I am more than an omelette-making, vacuuming, diaper-changing mom and wife. And I love that I do those things well. But that place in my heart that longs for more, will be settled as I live out my calling without fear. We are unique and incredible creatures, and this teaching expounds on that. I was pleasantly surprised and blessed by Jeremy’s message.”

Sarah Favazza Testimonial Pic

-Sarah Favazza, M.A.
Professional Counselor and Stay-At-Home Mother

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