3 Life Lessons From Marianne Williamson

How to focus on what really matters - Love, Service, and Spirit

It was a Sunday morning surprise like no other. My friend Henry and I attended Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy in Santa Clara, CA over the past four days and Brendon, ever the gracious host had been peppering in some speaker surprises during the weekend. But on Sunday morning, the last day of the conference, he completely out-did himself when he welcomed author Marianne Williamson to the stage.

Marianne Williamson Article

Marianne looked lovely in black and was quick to focus this audience of eager experts-in-training on what really matters. Love, service, and spirit.

Marianne’s graceful and powerful delivery was inspiring and I would love to share with you three standout lessons from her talk with us. 

The 5 Most Important Minutes of Your Day

The simplest and most powerful strategy to feel less stressed, more content, extremely optimistic, and more satisfied with your life

There are so many things to pay attention to in the realm of personal growth and self-fulfillment that it’s sometimes hard to know exactly which strategies to use at the right times so that you always get good results in every area of your life. But what I’ve discovered over the years is that just one simple strategy used every single day taking just five minutes of my time helps me gain more positive and sustainable results than any other.

5 Minutes

Curious? I hope so!

The Signs of Settling

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve had the good fortune to run into a few people I haven’t seen in many years. In that same span of time, my family and I were out to dinner one night and had a conversation with our waitress that had some of the same signs I heard and saw while reuniting with those people I hadn’t seen in so many years. What were those signs, you ask? The signs of settling.

The Signs of Settling

What is settling? Settling is what happens when what we desire to be in our lives and dream will take place in our future is shelved for a later date because of our present thoughts, feelings, and circumstances. It’s the decision to live for less when your heart is crying out for more.

Show Me Love

Every February 14th we celebrate love, in all its various forms. Valentine’s Day is supposed to be the time we honor and cherish loved ones with anything from a phone call to a card to a cliché box of chocolates and a dozen roses. Our children take valentine’s cards to school to give to their classmates and teachers and we pull our hair out trying to make sure we bring the right amount of individually wrapped sweet somethings to their school parties. But in the midst of all this do any of us bother to ask what love is? Probably not. And the major problem with that is we don’t seem to know much at all about this celebrated term.

Show Me Love

What I Learned From Pam

A couple days ago, I went to a friend’s funeral visitation. She was a special lady that I met over 11 years ago where we attended the same local church. Always kind, with a loving embrace and smiling eyes, Pam never let you leave her presence feeling unwanted. She was an enthusiastic supporter of mine way before I deserved the confidence she placed in me as a leader and unfailingly offered her time and talent to support the student ministry that I was tasked with directing.

What I Learned From Pam

I remember how much she cared for all of the young adults in our group and how much they loved her. There were so many nights when she and her husband hosted us at their house and shared their lives with us in such an authentic and caring way. You see, she was a rare person who understood the value of always being true to who she was even though we were steeped in an environment that rewarded posers.