3 Truths That Help Your Marriage Last

My wife Lisa and I are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary this week and we’ve found ourselves in the stage of our relationship where people are now consistently asking us, “How do you do it?” Well, the answer to that question will probably defy conventional advice. But then we’ve never been much for doing what everyone else is doing anyway!

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Making a marriage that lasts isn’t rocket science, but it does require a real shift in the way you think about this closest of relationships.

Are you ready to rethink what it means to be married?

If so, then here are three truths that will help your marriage last. 

Solving The Source of Conflict

Sometimes it feels like all we have to do is wake up and we’re having relationship conflict in our world. There seems to be no end to all the tension we’ve created in our marriages, our families, and our friendships. The worst part is, we keep doing the same things everyday and expecting something different to happen as a result. So, maybe it’s time to start thinking differently about the source of our conflict.

Woman Yelling At Man

What if you could relieve all the relationship tension you’re struggling with by interrupting the #1 most destructive thinking pattern that always results in conflict? And what if you could end a very large percentage of personal conflict just by remembering to ask yourself one question?

You can, and here’s how…

Being The Dad I Wish I Had

Father’s Day comes every year and brings with it many feelings – some welcome, some unwelcome, and some indifferent. Some of us remember a dad that was rude, selfish and uncaring. Some of us remember a dad that lived a life of quiet resignation with occasional bursts of anger. Some of us remember a dad who abused his family and chose other women over our moms. Some of us remember nothing of our dad because he left before we got to know him.

Father Providing A Foundation For His Child's Feet

But far too few of us remember a dad that was strong, self-sacrificing, solid and supportive. A dad that took the time to teach us what he knew, that supported our interests even when they were different from his own, that sacrificed his own selfish ambition so that we could stand firm on the foundation that he provided, that stayed loyal to his love for a lifetime, and that served the community with his time, talent and energy generously.

This Father’s Day, maybe it’s time to consider being the dad we wish we had. 

The Signs of Settling

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve had the good fortune to run into a few people I haven’t seen in many years. In that same span of time, my family and I were out to dinner one night and had a conversation with our waitress that had some of the same signs I heard and saw while reuniting with those people I hadn’t seen in so many years. What were those signs, you ask? The signs of settling.

The Signs of Settling

What is settling? Settling is what happens when what we desire to be in our lives and dream will take place in our future is shelved for a later date because of our present thoughts, feelings, and circumstances. It’s the decision to live for less when your heart is crying out for more.

Show Me Love

Every February 14th we celebrate love, in all its various forms. Valentine’s Day is supposed to be the time we honor and cherish loved ones with anything from a phone call to a card to a cliché box of chocolates and a dozen roses. Our children take valentine’s cards to school to give to their classmates and teachers and we pull our hair out trying to make sure we bring the right amount of individually wrapped sweet somethings to their school parties. But in the midst of all this do any of us bother to ask what love is? Probably not. And the major problem with that is we don’t seem to know much at all about this celebrated term.

Show Me Love