Ladies, have you ever struggled with feeling like you’re not enough? Like, no matter what you do, you just never seem to live up to the expectations you feel are being placed on you?
Men, have you ever been frustrated by the relationships with the women in your world but feel helpless when it comes to making them better?
If so, then Girl Power has been made for you.
This compelling 4-Part Audio Program contains all the secrets I’ve uncovered about the power of true femininity that have been locked away for centuries. These hard to find insights bring freedom to the women who hear them and peace to the men who apply them.
It took me years of searching to compile this content and now it’s available to you for only $27!
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Girl Power reveals the life-changing truths about the purpose of women and guides you in how to apply this knowledge to your life and relationships

“In this powerful series, Jeremy has masterfully brought order out of the chaotic and confusing messages about what it means to be a woman in today’s world. If you are a woman, Girl Power will radically change your life and if you are a man, you will never see the women in your life the same again! Powerful, life-changing and a breath of fresh air for every woman’s heart.”

Janet Daughtry - Life Breakthrough Coaching

This Truth Sets Everyone Free

Girl Power consists of life-changing information about women but it's not just for females. The truths in this program will help women to feel more fulfilled and less frustrated in their everyday lives while freeing men from the beliefs that have held their relationships with women back from becoming the strong and supportive partnerships they deserve. This truth sets everyone free!

Based On Insights Hidden In The Hebrew Scriptures

This program was based on insights hidden in the Hebrew language of the book of Genesis that reveal surprising truths about women that have been ignored for thousands of years. By taking an in-depth look at what the Creator's intention was behind the design of women we are able to activate the true energy of femininity and see the fullness of the strength and beauty women possess to make our world a better place.

A Word From Jeremy

“I created this program out my deep desire to help women achieve their highest aims and live their best lives. It was born out of my curiosity to know how to best serve and support my wife and daughter on their journey, but little did I know how my personal study would offer so much freedom and fulfillment to the lives of every person with whom I've shared it. Girl Power can be shocking because it's such a radically different way of seeing women. But my hope is that this truth would be accepted and applied by our world so that we could treat women with the honor and respect they deserve. Enjoy!"