Your Best Is Next | Transform your mindset. Take control of your life.

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Never Settle For Less When Your Heart Is Crying Out For More!

So much of our lives are spent dwelling on a past that we cannot change while ignoring the possibilities of a successful future. As a result, we continue to create the life we lived instead of the life we want. We settle for what we think we deserve instead of what our hearts’ desire. Isn’t it time you listened to the cry of your heart?

In this book, inspirational speaker and breakthrough results coach, Jeremy Flagg, will take you on a journey from defeat to destiny while he helps you apply the proven principles of success and personal development he’s learned along the way. Jeremy’s powerfully simple teaching and storytelling will help you identify where you are on your own journey to greatness and give you the tools you need to help you finally leave your past behind in favor of the fulfilling future you deserve!

This Book Will Show You How To…

  • Overcome the pain of your past so that you can create a fulfilling future
  • Reframe your reality so you can see the purpose in your experiences
  • Develop a new strategy for your life that puts your passion in action
  • Transform your mindset in order to see the upside of adversity
  • Take control of your life’s direction now

What readers are saying…

I highly recommend Your Best IS Next! – I was able to answer some questions that have been lingering in my thoughts for some time after finishing Your Best Is Next. Here are a few of them: Why do I feel so helpless over what the future holds? Do I have what it takes to find success? Am I a victim of my circumstances or is it something I am doing? Once I completed this book I felt empowered and excited about my ability to not only answer these questions, but to take action without the fear of uncertainty paralyzing my decision making! If you feel like your life is lacking fulfillment and not living up to the dreams you have…then this book is for you!!
-James (5-Star Amazon Review)
Wake Up Call – If you’re ready to be challenged and motivated to become all you’ve always wanted to be, this is the book for you! This book truly makes you examine why you’ve settled for mediocre, why you’ve given up on your dreams. Anyone who wants the life they’ve hoped for should let the message of this book sink in, and then, go out and grab the life of your dreams.
-Abigail (5-Star Amazon Review)
Inspiring and Informative – The personal stories and empathetic insight the author shares helped me connect immediately to the struggles he experienced. So many times in my life I have overcome some issues and I have no idea how I did it… I just did. In contrast there are several things in my life that I have struggled with and have no idea why and lack the understanding on how to grow past my self. This book has helped me see what I was doing right, understand the things I was (and am) doing wrong to help me grow and go from good to great. I was inspired by the journey the author shares and the personal growth he was able to obtain from the challenges that are not unlike the ones each and everyone of us face everyday of our lives. Not only was the book enjoyable and entertaining to read, but the principles for understanding your current state and growing to a better one are the best thing about it. It has great references that will make this a go to book when I need some realignment in my life.
-Steven (5-Star Amazon Review)
MY Best Is Next! – It’s been years since I’ve been this inspired by a book. Immediately I felt a connection with the stories and ideas communicated. My heart soared as I was flipping the pages, literally feeling my perspective on life transform. Jeremy simplifies and demystifies the path to personal transformation through his colorful images that make the concepts and situations described truly come to life. I enjoyed the honesty and humor throughout the book. I’m looking forward to reading it again.
-SuperChick (5-Star Amazon Review)