CREATE U is my personal growth and development podcast dedicated to helping you reach your potential, improve your relationships, and maximize your impact.

Each week, I share all my best tips and strategies for self-improvement by sharing an inspirational message or interview that will give you what you need to go from stuck and stressed to calm and in control of your life and business.

What we can learn from the life of every successful person is this: If you want to change the world, you must first change yourself.

So, I named the podcast CREATE U as a play on words to remind us that we must first focus on personal development if we desire to live successfully and we must continually be learning in order to gain the clarity, confidence, and courage necessary to build a better future.

This podcast consistently motivates me to keep putting myself out there in order to achieve the very best I have to offer. Coach Jeremy Flagg gives insight and instruction on how you can be your best self. It’s more than just positive talk, it’s a change in attitude which in turn creates a call to action.iTunes Review

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Being on a life-long journey one can lose their way or become cloudy on what direction to go. This podcast has been one of the voices that has really helped me to bring out the direction I know to be true and honestly deep-down knew to begin with. It’s a tool I will continue to refer to along my journey. If you give it a listen I believe it can do the same for you.iTunes Review

Below are links to all my previous episodes. Click on a few and enjoy learning how to CREATE YO[U]!

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Podcast Archive
# Title Released
63 Ask The Coach — How Do We Stop Fighting With Each Other? 05/17/2016
62 Win The First Battle 05/12/2016
61 Discover Girl Power 05/10/2016
60 The Myth Of Overnight Success 05/03/2016
59 How Do You Want To Be Remembered? 04/26/2016
58 Show Up How You Want To Be Seen 04/21/2016
57 Staying Positive In A Negative World 04/19/2016
56 The Gift Of Anxiety 04/14/2016
55 Ask The Coach — I Thought I Wanted This But I’m Not Happy, WTF? 04/07/2016
54 What To Do When Things Aren’t Working 04/05/2016
53 Shifting Out Of Feeling Stuck 03/31/2016
52 Renew Your Hope 03/24/2016
51 The Burden Of Freedom 03/22/2016
50 Your Best Is Next 03/03/2016
49 Be True To You 03/01/2016
48 Communication 104 – Ask Powerful Questions 02/25/2016
47 Love At The Highest Level 02/23/2016
46 Communication 103 – Shut Up And Listen 02/18/2016
45 The Insidious Belief That Can Kill Your Relationship 02/16/2016
44 Communication 102 – Avoiding Conversation Killers 02/11/2016
43 5 Ways To Rekindle The Romance In Your Relationship 02/09/2016
42 Communication 101 – It Starts Before You Speak 02/04/2016
41 The #1 Predictor Of Your Relationship’s Success Or Failure 02/02/2016
40 Motivated By The Impossible With Ceitci Demirkova 01/28/2016
39 How To Be Happy (No Matter What) 01/26/2016
38 Honor Your Dream 01/19/2016
37 Ask The Coach – How Do I Get My Sh*t Together? 01/14/2016
36 Failure To Launch 01/12/2016
35 New Year, New Story 01/07/2016
34 Begin From Within 01/05/2016
33 One Important Thing To Do Before You Start The New Year 12/31/2015
32 The Precious Present 12/24/2015
31 The Greatest Gift You Can Give 12/22/2015
30 Listen To Your Wife With Lisa Flagg 12/17/2015
29 The Secret To Feeling More Fulfilled 12/15/2015
27 Finish Your Year Strong 12/08/2015
26 3 Ways To Avoid Unnecessary Relationship Drama 12/03/2015
25 Life’s Too Short To Settle 12/01/2015
24 The Benefits Of Being Thankful 11/24/2015
23 Be The Change You Wish To See In The World 11/17/2015
22 The Myth Of Good Enough 11/12/2015
21 The Secret Force That Shapes Your Success 11/10/2015
20 The Real Source Of Relationship Conflict And How To Resolve It 11/05/2015
19 How To Turn Your Adversity Into An Advantage 11/03/2015
18 Breakthrough Conversation With Kim & Jessica – Part 2 10/29/2015
17 One Simple Way To Make Your Life Better Now 10/27/2015
16 Breakthrough Conversation With Kim & Jessica – Part 1 10/22/2015
15 Stop Trying, Start Doing 10/20/2015
14 2 Things Every Relationship Needs To Succeed 10/15/2015
13 3 Ways To Increase Your Awareness 10/13/2015
12 Ask The Coach with Henry Ballard – What do I do when I encounter opposition to my dream? 10/08/2015
11 How To Stop Resisting Change 10/06/2015
10 3 Key Ingredients For Creating A Remarkable Relationship 10/01/2015
9 The Red Pill Of Responsibility 09/29/2015
8 Ask The Coach with Su Thomas – Is There A Secret To Self-Discipline? 09/24/2015
7 Your Power To Create 09/22/2015
6 Interview with Chris Robinson – Developing The Leader Within You 09/17/2015
5 The #1 Reason You Aren’t Living The Life Of Your Dreams 09/15/2015
4 Ask The Coach with Su Thomas – How Do I Find My Life’s Passion? 09/10/2015
3 Stop Reacting, Start Creating 09/08/2015
2 Breakthrough Conversation with Steven 09/03/2015
1 Your Past Is Prologue 09/01/2015