Episode 18: Breakthrough Conversation With Kim & Jessica – Part 2

How important is it to have your spouse supporting you as you pursue your dreams?


Kim and Jessica came to me struggling to get on the same page with their spouses and frustrated in the pursuit of their dreams. They wanted to know how important it was to have their partners support as they moved forward in what they felt called to do. So, in part 1 of our Breakthrough Conversation, we talked about what it really means to be a good teammate to our partners and how our rules and beliefs can get in the way of our progress and create conflict with our spouses.

Today, in part 2, we’re concluding our conversation by discussing:

  • What it really means to honor your spouse
  • Why our patterns of language and the words we choose to use are so important to our progress
  • How to pursue your dream even if your partner refuses to support you
  • The roles that empathy and timing play in introducing new ideas to your spouse
  • Why you should never forsake your dreams and you should always be aware of what stage of the journey you’re on

There are a lot of nuggets of wisdom in this conversation, and if you’ve ever felt held back by your relationship then there’s sure to be something in here for you. Enjoy listening to our conversation’s conclusion!


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A big THANK YOU to both Kim and Jessica for agreeing to take part in the show and being brave and honest with everyone during their breakthrough. You ladies ROCK!

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