Episode 42: Communication 101 – It Starts Before You Speak

3 Necessary Shifts For Having Successful Conversations Before They Begin


According to 2014 statistics from the CDC, in America there is one divorce approximately every 36 seconds. And much of the most reliable research tells us that almost every single issue in relationships — whether it’s finances, intimacy, or even infidelity — finds its root in poor communication. In fact, poor communication is the #1 reason divorced couples cite for breaking up, and that’s truly a shame, because it’s not that difficult a skill a master.

That’s why today I’ll be starting a 4-part series on how to create better communication in your relationships. So, if you’ve ever experienced the pain of having a well-meaning conversation turn into a massive conflict or have ever had trouble getting your partner to open up and share their soul with you, then you’ll want to listen closely as I begin our series by sharing with you the 3 necessary shifts for having successful conversations before they begin.


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Question: What is the most important shift for you to make right now and why will it help your ability to communicate? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


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