The Silent Killer of Your Success [Video]

How To Avoid What Keeps You From Pursuing Your Dreams

Do you have some dreams that have yet become a reality? Why? What’s keeping you from making them happen? If you’re wanting this to be the year that closes the gap between your dreams and your reality then this video is for you!

The truth is, there’s a silent killer that might be robbing you of the life you really desire and deserve. It’s sneaky. It’s insidious. And it’s always there…tempting us away from what really matters to us and keeping us stuck. What is it?

Well, I guess I’ve always known what it was but I met it face-to-face on the top of a sand dune at Lake Michigan last year. I tell you all about it in the video…

One Common Parenting Pitfall To Avoid [Video]

How My Son Being Bullied Taught Me Something Important About Myself

Are you a parent who’s ever been accused of over-reacting? If so, then this video is for you! I’m telling the story of one of my biggest lessons from a recent trip with my son to Spain and how him being bullied taught me something that I had to share with you.

Sometimes on our parenting journey we get surprised by a difficult situation that our kids are going through. And sometimes those situations can help us learn a LOT about ourselves…

Even if you’re not a parent, you’ll still get something from this story that will help you shortcut your success in everyday life and avoid one of the biggest mistakes so many of us make in our interactions with others.

Watch me tell the story and be sure to tell me what you think in the comments!

Master Your Mindset [Video]

How To Really Make Changes In Your Life

Have you ever wanted to change a habit or a behavior you didn’t like but weren’t successful? If you have, then you’re not alone. The issue isn’t that you aren’t made for change, it’s that you’re looking in the wrong place to make it last.

We want to lose weight, stop fighting with our partner, make better use of our time, or increase our income…We know what it is we want but we’ve also tried many times and failed, so we don’t hold out a lot of hope for ourselves.

So, I recorded a video for you to help you with making those changes stick!

It’s time to master your mindset (and stop letting it master you).

Wake Up To Your Worth [VIDEO]

How Realizing Your Value Increases Your Quality Of Life

Have you ever struggled to feel like you’re enough? Do feel you might be settling for less than you’re capable of? Then it’s time to wake up to your worth!

In this video, I tell you a story that gave my wife goosebumps and started a dialogue the importance of self-worth. Watch it if you sometimes find it difficult to stand in the complete confidence that you’re highly valued. There may be a surprise about your self-worth hiding right in plain sight…