Let Go Of Your Leaves

Why Embracing The Darkness Is Necessary If You Want To Enjoy The Light

Have you ever noticed that some trees just don’t seem to let go of their leaves? I mean, it’s not like they don’t know the winter is coming and is almost completely upon us. Am I right? But still they hold tight to their last few leaves, waiting for that moment that makes it absolutely necessary for them to completely enter in their season of darkness. It makes me wonder, are we not also the same way? Do we not also have leaves (old growth) that need to die in order for new life to spring forth after a season of winter?

This picture was taken just outside my home on my morning walk. I took it because it struck me just how important the lesson was that nature is trying to teach us if we’ll only be present enough to listen.

The answer, of course, is yes. Winter is a season that reminds us that it’s time to let go of our old leaves so that new life can emerge from within us.

In many ways we avoid the idea of winter. We focus on the cold temperatures, bare trees, lack of green vegetation, less sun, and more night. We hold on to our leaves, clinging to the life that was once so vibrant, hanging onto the memories of times gone by, afraid to let go for fear that we may not ever feel that alive again.

But without the winter, how could we know the joy of spring?

Winter reminds us that something new is coming. That it’s always darkest before the dawn. That just because things look dreary doesn’t mean they’ll stay that way.

When the tree lets go of its leaves is it afraid that it won’t grow new ones? Of course, not! It knows that the energy of life will spring forth from within it in the season to come. Does it know how it will happen or exactly when it will happen? No, not exactly. It’s not worried about that, though. It trusts that the energy of life will support and sustain it through this season of rest and rebirth. It rests knowing that it will re-emerge stronger and more vigorous than before.

Imagine if we adopted this lesson from the trees.

What would happen if we let go of our old leaves with the conscious hope that new life would arrive? How would it feel to trust that the energy that supports the life of the trees also supports and sustains us through this season of winter? In what ways would our lives be different by embracing the dormancy of darkness in order to enjoy the rebirth of the light?

I don’t know how you’ll respond, but for me, it’s a message I’m receiving. I’m letting go of my old leaves and embracing the darkness of this season. I’m resting in the knowledge that what’s coming next from me is even better than what’s come from me in the past.

Will you join me?


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