Master Your Mindset [Video]

How To Really Make Changes In Your Life

Have you ever wanted to change a habit or a behavior you didn’t like but weren’t successful? If you have, then you’re not alone. The issue isn’t that you aren’t made for change, it’s that you’re looking in the wrong place to make it last.

We want to lose weight, stop fighting with our partner, make better use of our time, or increase our income…We know what it is we want but we’ve also tried many times and failed, so we don’t hold out a lot of hope for ourselves.

So, I recorded a video for you to help you with making those changes stick!

It’s time to master your mindset (and stop letting it master you).

Wake Up To Your Worth [VIDEO]

How Realizing Your Value Increases Your Quality Of Life

Have you ever struggled to feel like you’re enough? Do feel you might be settling for less than you’re capable of? Then it’s time to wake up to your worth!

In this video, I tell you a story that gave my wife goosebumps and started a dialogue the importance of self-worth. Watch it if you sometimes find it difficult to stand in the complete confidence that you’re highly valued. There may be a surprise about your self-worth hiding right in plain sight…

The Gift My Grandma Gave Me

Why You Should Throw Away The Hand-Me-Down Story That You're Not Worthy

On Saturday, my family buried my grandmother. She was 87-years old and lived a seemingly simple country life. She gave me many gifts but none as great as the knowledge that hand-me-downs might be the clothes you’re given and also the story your living.

My Grandma and “Pop” celebrating a Happy Thanksgiving in 2012. They both passed this year in 2017.

I write this as her “special” grandson. The one who, all the way until her last day of dementia-laden consciousness, was recognized as, “Jeremy…he’s so sweet. He loves me,” said in her most-affectionate tone of voice. So, these aren’t the ramblings of a jaded and unloved family member. These are the observations of a grandson who threw away the hand-me-downs of unworthiness he was given to take hold of the inheritance of worth he always possessed.

For as long as I can remember, she never lived close. She was always a road trip away. Some of my earliest memories are packing in the car with my mom, dad, and brother to visit my grandma and her husband (I called him “Pop”) in some rural, small-town location. They weren’t much for the city or the people who dwelled there.

Even as a young boy I noticed the tension. It predated my existence and never really left.

How Long To Sing This Song?

Why The Solutions To Gun Violence In America Start With Us

Another normal day, another senseless tragedy. 20,000+ people gathered in Las Vegas to enjoy a music festival and none were aware there was a madman getting ready to shower bullets on them from 32 stories above. 58 people dead. 500+ people injured. The numbers are hard to fathom. The video is difficult to watch. The stories are hard to hear. The mind rushes to make sense of something that’s senseless. And once again our “thoughts and prayers” go out to the victims go out to all those affected. How long to sing this song? How long before we wake up to random acts of kindness on our news feeds instead of random acts of violence? How long before we embrace the responsibility that comes with the freedom we say we cherish? How long?

The shooter opened fire on a crowd of 20,000 attending a concert from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, NV

That rhetorical question was sung by U2 when they recorded their album “War” in 1982. Bono asked, “How long must we sing this song?” in the lyrics of the opening track “Sunday Bloody Sunday”, and then closed the album with the song “40” by asking, “How long to sing this song?” It’s a great question. One that was asked in response to their witness of human violence. One that has yet to receive a definitive answer from us. It’s a challenge to sing a new song. And it’s a call to the depths of our souls to find better answers when man-made tragedies occur.